Students from the St Thomas Technical High School
perform during a Members’ Meeting in Morant Bay, St Thomas

Earl Samuels, Assistant General Manager, Group Finance and Mortgage Operations,
JNBS, greets Canute Simpson, Business Relationship and Sales Manager, Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland.

Peta-Gaye Miller, Financial Advisor, JN Fund Managers,
greets members in Morant Bay, St Thomas.

What is the purpose of the reorganisation?

The reorganisation of the JN Group is necessary to satisfy three key objectives:
Your Board of Directors has made a comprehensive proposal that will allow the Group to separate the financial and non-financial companies in the JN Group, to allow the JN Group to conform to legal requirements under the Banking Services Act (2014) and similar pre-existing requirements under Building Societies Act.

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Great words from great people

Really loving @jamaicaNational's customer service


I’ve been associated with JN since the late 1980s. I had been abroad for a while and I returned and this was the first bank I chose and I am still here. I’ve never tried going to any other bank and the reason is that I am satisfied. I feel like I’m really part of a family.
What I like dealing with here is the fact that you feel special… I have no intention of going anywhere else.

Albert Rose, retired Architect

Anything that we can hold here and maintain as ours I support that wholeheartedly. We need to take back our country.
I’d like Jamaica National not to do like the other bank where they take away poor people’s money to enrich themselves to say how many billion dollars they make for the year…
If you don’t treat people like that then that will attract a lot of people to you.

Waynwal Housen, retired Agriculturalist

I opened a bridal registry and then a few years later a mortgage. I was really impressed with the service.
We’ve fully gone online with all our accounts and we see the benefit of that and regularly update our accounts online.
For the future, in terms of the number people who are getting ready to join the workforce, they don’t know some basic things about mortgages and homeownership and that sort of thing. The literacy level for that is very low, and these are even among people who are highly educated who don’t know. I think JN should look at these people when they are in university and so on because these people are going to be in jobs and are probably looking for homes. I think JN stands to benefit greatly if they can do this.

Dr Karl Whyte, Lecturer, University of Technology

Thanks to @jamaicaNational for #GATW...Its now a vital part of a Jamaican Christmas


I believe it was in 1996 when I was in States I learnt that Century National Bank was closed, where I had my funds and I lamented that the home grown banks have been destroyed. So the emergence of this bank (JN) makes me joyful. I have a had a very good relationship with those who have served me at this bank and I have high praises for Mrs Twiddle…

Lambert Forrest, School Principal

It’s the way you relate to people, it’s the way you treat staff… I remember one of the projects I was working with in Bethel Town, Westmoreland. We constructed a sorrel factory for a group of Jamaica Agricultural Society farmers and they needed a truck and the next I hear is that JN Foundation gave them a refrigerated truck, and I said yes they are doing great things! In fact I was telling farmers that they must get in touch with JN and big up JN

Vincent Thompson, Agricultural Consultant, Jamaica Social Investment Fund

@JamaicaNational your team has consistently exceeded my expectations: online, face2face, access 2 Mngt, complaint resolution...Thank you

c_jas2002 Tweeted:

Congratulations to @jamaicaNational for getting approval to become a #commercialbank. It's a major step for this #Jamaica company. #kudos


I joined JN in Westmoreland. All my children and four grandchildren are all members of Jamaica National. I got two houses from JN. My vocabulary does not extend to any other bank.
What we’d love for our people is more financial literacy to help people, especially the poor, to manage their money much more effectively…

Yvonne Falconer, Lecturer, The University of the West Indies